Tuesday, July 8, 2014

IKEA Wish List

We're going to IKEA!

I adore IKEA. Adore. Basically, our whole living room and kitchen (plates, utensils, accessories) are all IKEA. So, we're off to IKEA this weekend. We're also stopping at this place called Jungle Jim's near Cincinnati. I'll do a little review on that when I get back. It looks super amazing. I've been told there's a huge aisle of spices! WOO!
On to the things I love at IKEA:

Droppar Jars ($2.99-$9.99)
I NEED them.

Godis Glass ($4.79/6 pack)
We have some of these already, but I'm thinking we need a few more.

Ivrig Glass ($2.49/glass)
I love these. I'm not sure I really need all these glasses...

Bärbar Trays ($6.99 each)
These are precious.

Marmorblad Curtains ($14.99/pair)
These would look great in our bedroom. Also, they have a really cool tract system for curtains.

Krabb Mirrors ($14.99/2 pack)
I just love these.

Hopen Dresser ($199)
This matches our bedroom set perfectly. And we really just need a dresser.

Again, this is just something we need for the living room.

This is something I absolutely fell in love with at the store. I think it's just because it looks like little port holes, and I love nautical everything.
Did you see a pattern here, about how we need all these things. That's probably false. Maybe with the Jungle Jim's post, I'll do a little haul. Maybe not. Who knows!

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