Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hack Your 2.0

Keurig 2.0 Hack

Hello, you lovely humans. So, for Christmas, I received the Keurig 2.0. I was just ecstatic. I ran out to the store for those tasty little Gevalia K-cups with the froth packs, only to pop it into my Keurig and get this message:
Excuse me!? The whole reason I, personally, got a Keurig was because of the hundreds of options I had. I was unaware that the 2.0 didn't have nearly as many options. I also came to find out that you get the same message when you want to use the refillable K-cup for your own coffees.  That was pure madness to me. I have so many coffees that I love that you can't find in K-cups. For example, local roasters. I also noticed that some of the bloggers I watch won a 2.0 (you lucky, lucky humans). So, I did a bit of research to find out how I could use these refillable cups. 
Turns out, Keurig was basically trying to cut down on the amount of external cups you could use. If you don't get that, I'll put it plainly. They wanted you to only use K-cups by Keurig and be greedy with all the profits. I get it, really I do. But that's not convenient for me. (: So I found a hack, and I thought I would share it with you! Because we all need delicious coffee.

What You'll Need:

1 Solofill Cup K3*
1 2.0 approved K-cup
Utility knife
Hot glue gun
*I found mine at Target for $11.99. According to all the things I read, this one fits and works the best!

How To:

Using your utility knife, carefully cut the foil top of the K-cup off. Don't waste that coffee!! Dump it into your reusable K-cup, or a bowl to put in your K-cup momentarily. Make sure there are no jagged, bumpy edges on your foil top. You want it as smooth as possible. Now, take your hot glue gun and dab glue around the rim of your reusable K-cup. Carefully place the foil top on top of your reusable K-cup. Place your newly hacked reusable cup in your Keurig. Now enjoy whatever coffee you feel like, whether Keurig wants you to or not! (:

I hope there's someone out there that was sorely disappointed finding that 'Opps!' message that this helps!! I'm now enjoying my Casi Cielo in the morning!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Go, Bucks!


Guys. It never crossed my mind that there may be people in the world that don't know what buckeyes are. I think growing up in Ohio, you just assume everyone knows who the Buckeyes are, and what the delicious treat is. Of course, most people know who the Buckeyes are. So, most of us know that OSU is in the championship today! As an Ohio State alumni, it's basically obligatory that I know something about what's going on with the football team. Don't get me wrong, I take pride in graduating from OSU! Today is the perfect day to pull out these heavenly things out of the fridge for the game!
Forewarning: If you have a peanut butter problem, plan on taking these to work or... somewhere. Anywhere but your fridge.


1 1/2 c. peanut butter
1/2 c. butter, room temperature
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 box (1 lb.) powdered sugar
1 bag semi-sweet chocolate
2 Tbsp. shortening

How To:

In a large mixing bowl, beat together the peanut butter and butter until well combined. Add in the vanilla. Then slowly beat in the powdered sugar. You might have to switch to using your hands in order to combine the ingredients. Once all the powdered sugar is mixed in, start rolling into balls. Pop those in the fridge for about 30 minutes to an hour. When you ready to finish them, lay out a piece of foil or wax paper on a cookie sheet. In a double-broiler, melt the chocolate and shortening, whisking until it's nice and smooth. Now, using a toothpick, dip the peanut butter ball in the chocolate. Swipe off any excess chocolate, and place on the foil/wax paper. Once you're all done, pop those into the fridge for about 30 minutes to let the chocolate harden.
You're done! Take those babies to a party and be super popular because they're delicious!

Is there a treat that's native to where you're from!? I'd love to know!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Motivation Monday!

Fit Affinity

Is anyone else looking for the "new year, new you" motivation!? Let's be real, everyone says it. Recently, I saw that Fit Affinity had lower body workout guides on sale for $2.99. Uh, what? Couldn't pass that up! So, for $2.99, I got a 12 week workout plan! About a week later, they had the extension on sale for $2.99, as well. Or buy them both for $5.99. For $6, I now have 24 weeks of workouts. Pretty hard to deviate from that!
For anyone who is just beginning their fitness journey, the guide comes loaded with how-to's for the moves, as well as some nutrition facts. I've looked through them, and I'm pretty damn pumped to start it! I'm sure I'll toss my own favorites in the gym, too! The pages also feature some fit chicks, I'm assuming to motivate you. (;
Here's a little snippet for those of you who aren't quite sure!
I'm super excited, and I'm starting this today! What are you guys doing to help meet your goals this year!? Let me know in the comments below!