About Me!

*A/N: I'm still working on this. (;

Why, helloooo!
Thank you for stopping by. (: I'm a 23 year old lady from San Diego, California, currently living in Columbus, Ohio. I have a Bachelor's degree in psychology, and while that was slightly a bad choice, I'm now an employee of the State of Ohio! Woo! I'm also going back to get my Master's in Social Work. 
I've been a vegetarian since 2011, and I love it. I've recently begun to convert my wonderful boyfriend. It's been tough for him, and that's where my recipes come in! I've been recreating some of his favorites, so he doesn't feel deprived. Some are a complete miss, and some he raves about. I (not-so) secretly love when meat-eaters like my recipes.
I've also been into the gym for the past year and a half. What is it that clicks in your brain when you hit your 20s!? You actually decide to give a shit about your body. Although I go, it's not my favorite place to be. Motivation will always be key!
I have a border-line grungy style, but I love all things retro, vintage, and classy. I love to mix the edgy with the vintage class. My morning beauty routine is my own personal therapy session. Doing household DIYs is something that I love, as well.

All in all, I like a ton of things, and I'm hoping you do too! :D

This is Boyfriend. We have very few photos together, so this is December, 2013.

This is our priss of a cat, Miss Kitty. I love her to little pieces.


  1. Hey! I've really been enjoying your beauty posts and your vegetarian recipes. I look forward to reading more and I nominated you for a Leibster award!

    1. Oh, wow!! That's awesome!! Thank you!
      I'll have to get busy with that! ^.^